Eastern Sawyers

Environmentally responsible custom sawyer services

Eastern Sawyers - Environmentally responsible custom sawyer services

About Us

Eastern Sawyers is a local sawmill serving the Southern New England area.  Depending on your needs, we can either bring one of our portable mills to your logs, or transport the logs to our site for processing.


We specialize in the sustainable conversion of urban lumber sources into beautiful, usable wood.  We are not a high-volume lumber processor – rather, we encourage making good use of fallen and felled trees or re-sawing salvage wood that would otherwise become firewood, trash, or simply left to rot.  We have found that oftentimes these lumber sources that are passed up by high-volume sawmills produce the most beautifully figured and truly unique building products – with qualities you will not find in most commercially produced lumber.


In addition to stock and custom sawing services, we can pick up logs that you are looking to clean off your property, store lumber we have cut for you while it air dries, and we can also dry lumber to the proper moisture content for furniture making and other purposes in our solar cycle kiln.  We also occasionally have quantities of rough-sawn lumber of various species in stock for sale – just email or call us to see what is available today.